Rabbit care

If you are planning on getting a rabbit you need to now that they will need a hutch or cage to live in, food and a food bowl also a water bottle. What they will need for there bedding is, wood shavings, hay, straw and some cut up news paper for the cold weather. Dont forget about vet bills because they can cost alot. You should always check that your rabbit has water and that the water bottle does not turn green, if it does then you should think about cleaning it. Rabbits do like to have a friend so you should really think about getting two or more rabbits. Also you should clean out your rabbit hutch at least once a week. Also you should bye a large rabbit run so he or she can eat grass. A run really should have a top to it to stop cats or dogs from getting in. 

Rabbit hutches should be big and cleaned out once or twice a week. Rabbits do NOT live well with Guinea-pigs as the rabbits may bully the Guinea-pig(s) Also does ( female rabbits) should really be done even if you are not going to mate with her, most does by the age of 5 will have some sort of cancer, by then it is to late to have her treated.